Family Bonding – For Life and Success

It’s an indescribable feeling you get, and I will try to describe it the best way I can. Once you experience it
first hand, you will agree, there is nothing like it. It is priceless, that no one could ever afford to take away from you.

Bonding is not just an immediate family word, it is something that makes us all family in one world united. It is a feeling, so deep inside you, that you just can’t wait to bond more. The importance of family bonding is the trust and the sense of belonging. It is unforgettable. It is heaven on earth. It is peace. It is family connections. It is Laughter. It is FAMILY LOVE!

This is why family bonding is so important, to save the ones we love from taking the wrong path. Saving the ones we love from others taking the wrong path.

10 Easy Tips to Foster Family Bonding and Child Development

by John Hitchcock

Work, school, extracurricular activities; these daily activities that make our lives so busy create difficulties for parents to foster a bond with their children. While your children are out of school for the summer you can easily strengthen family relationships by spending time with one another, listening to each other, and respecting each other’s opinions. Below are ten easy things a parent can do to form stronger bonds with their children this summer.

1. Try and eat dinner together with no distractions, such as television or phones. Eating a family meal together not only promotes better eating habits, but also gives family members time to discuss their day and any good or challenging things happening in their life.

2. A great way of having fun while bonding with your family is to create a “Family Night” where the entire family participates in an activity. This can be as easy as a board game night, an evening out at a fun family restaurant, or to go see a movie.

3. Helping a child with their homework not only allows you to spend time together, but enables you to see what they are learning and how they are doing academically. Your support and praise will go a long way in boosting their confidence in school.

4. When planning a family vacation you can ask your children where they want to go and what they want to see or do. By incorporating them in the planning process you make them feel like an integral part of the family.

5. Many children have extracurricular activities like sports or dance. By involving yourself in these activities and praising them on their participation you are helping build their confidence as well as strengthening your bond.

6. Many parents know that reading to your child daily increases their literacy, but it also allows for a time when both parent and child are completely focused on one another and can communicate freely about the book or other subjects.

7. Teaching your children the importance of volunteerism and giving back by volunteering for a local charity or organization can show them the importance of what they have and make them a more socially conscience person.

8. Getting involved in your children’s hobbies, whether it is collecting baseball cards or horseback riding, shows your support of their chosen activity and allows them to feel they can express themselves in any way.

9. By encouraging your children to be active and exercising together you foster healthier habits for both you and your child while you both communicate about the activities you are doing.

10. Childhood, especially the adolescent years, is incredibly hard on the self esteem of many children. By telling a child you love them and giving compliments or positive feedback frequently you can foster their confidence and perception of themselves. By listening and being supportive of their ideas, even if you don’t agree, makes them feel as if they can come to you with their problems and discuss their true feelings.

There is nothing better than having a place you can call home, where you feel loved, appreciated and safe. As a parent, having a strong bond with your children creates a feeling of unity and safety. It is important to do all you can to create these family bonds to ensure a happier and healthier family. Following any of the above activities this summer can help assist you and your family in creating a strong life long bond and help foster better parenting skills for you.

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Missy Homer – Activities for Family Bonding

A 6 minutes and 26 seconds video clip about Missy Homer – Activities for Family Bonding.

Enjoy Watching!

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Parenting Tips – Why Is Giving Choice Important?

By Barbara Beccari

One of the most lasting gifts a parent can give their child is encouragement in making decisions. When we do this we support our children in their journey towards independence.

Of course there will be times where parents need to make the decision and times when the decision will be negotiated, but there will also be many times when the child can choose.

There are two easy ways to help your child learn to make choices:

1. Involve them in choosing everyday things e.g. what to wear, what they want on their sandwich, what’s for dinner

2. Ask for their input in family discussions where you can allow them to choose the outcome e.g. where to go for an outing, who to invite to a party

Use the word ‘choice’ with your children. ‘Which do you choose?’ ‘What will your choice be?’ Remember, when children are young, to limit choices to two to make their decision making easier. Older children will be able to cope with a wider range of choice. Remember too, don’t offer your child choice if you are not prepared to follow through. Children need to know that their choice will occur.

Giving our kids choice has a couple of bonuses in addition to helping them make decisions and increasing their independence. Children will take more ownership of a situation if they have been involved in the decision and this helps them stick to the agreement. If you often battle with your child about getting them to do things giving choice can be an effective way to get results without the arguments. Such questions as: “Would you like to do it now or within the next half hour?” give the child decision making power instead of being told directly what to do.

The other wonderful bonus is of course children who are encouraged to make choices have a higher self esteem because they are included in family decision making and given chances to express their opinions. They see their point of view as being valued by their family and are more confident when facing new situations.

As you finish reading this article, ask yourself the question: “How can I give my child more choice in his/her life?”

If we parent keeping this question in mind, we will be raising our children to be experienced decision makers and independent thinkers. They will be more confident and able to meet the challenging decisions ahead. We might even reduce some of those every day battles along the way!

Barbara Beccari M.Ed is principal of Need2Connect, a coaching business promoting connected relationships for work or home. Professionals are supported to reflect on practical strategies for improved workplace relationships, well-being and work-life balance. Parents of babies to teens through parent-coaching are supported to think differently about their parenting role and are offered strategies for what is the most difficult (and rewarding!) job that people will ever do. Check out [] to find out more about building connected relationships in the workplace or with family.

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