Family Bonding – For Life and Success

It’s an indescribable feeling you get, and I will try to describe it the best way I can. Once you experience it
first hand, you will agree, there is nothing like it. It is priceless, that no one could ever afford to take away from you.

Bonding is not just an immediate family word, it is something that makes us all family in one world united. It is a feeling, so deep inside you, that you just can’t wait to bond more. The importance of family bonding is the trust and the sense of belonging. It is unforgettable. It is heaven on earth. It is peace. It is family connections. It is Laughter. It is FAMILY LOVE!

This is why family bonding is so important, to save the ones we love from taking the wrong path. Saving the ones we love from others taking the wrong path.

Parenting Tips – Why Is Giving Choice Important?

By Barbara Beccari

One of the most lasting gifts a parent can give their child is encouragement in making decisions. When we do this we support our children in their journey towards independence.

Of course there will be times where parents need to make the decision and times when the decision will be negotiated, but there will also be many times when the child can choose.

There are two easy ways to help your child learn to make choices:

1. Involve them in choosing everyday things e.g. what to wear, what they want on their sandwich, what’s for dinner

2. Ask for their input in family discussions where you can allow them to choose the outcome e.g. where to go for an outing, who to invite to a party

Use the word ‘choice’ with your children. ‘Which do you choose?’ ‘What will your choice be?’ Remember, when children are young, to limit choices to two to make their decision making easier. Older children will be able to cope with a wider range of choice. Remember too, don’t offer your child choice if you are not prepared to follow through. Children need to know that their choice will occur.

Giving our kids choice has a couple of bonuses in addition to helping them make decisions and increasing their independence. Children will take more ownership of a situation if they have been involved in the decision and this helps them stick to the agreement. If you often battle with your child about getting them to do things giving choice can be an effective way to get results without the arguments. Such questions as: “Would you like to do it now or within the next half hour?” give the child decision making power instead of being told directly what to do.

The other wonderful bonus is of course children who are encouraged to make choices have a higher self esteem because they are included in family decision making and given chances to express their opinions. They see their point of view as being valued by their family and are more confident when facing new situations.

As you finish reading this article, ask yourself the question: “How can I give my child more choice in his/her life?”

If we parent keeping this question in mind, we will be raising our children to be experienced decision makers and independent thinkers. They will be more confident and able to meet the challenging decisions ahead. We might even reduce some of those every day battles along the way!

Barbara Beccari M.Ed is principal of Need2Connect, a coaching business promoting connected relationships for work or home. Professionals are supported to reflect on practical strategies for improved workplace relationships, well-being and work-life balance. Parents of babies to teens through parent-coaching are supported to think differently about their parenting role and are offered strategies for what is the most difficult (and rewarding!) job that people will ever do. Check out [] to find out more about building connected relationships in the workplace or with family.

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Parenting – Fun and Special Ideas For Parents

by John Swanson

We all know that our children grow up so fast. Time can pass quickly and time slips away. We need to make the most of our precious time as parents. What we do and how we live will have a huge impact on our children-at the present time and in the future. We can bring happiness and wonderful times to our children, as well as to our family as a whole.

We can cherish the time that we have and make wonderful memories for the future, which will be cherished and heartfelt by us and our children alike.

As the quantity of time with our children dwindles, we can still control the quality of time. If we are unable to have the amount of time that we would like to have with our children, we can definitely improve and enjoy the quality of the time that we do have with our children.

Here are some ideas:

Read to your children and let your children read to you. Get comfortable and free from distraction. Relax and be patient. Give them your time and don’t pressure or rush. Taking the time to read to your children is extremely beneficial. It cultivates reading skills and an interest in reading and learning. It can build confidence and self esteem. Reading can also stimulate imagination. Talking about the story and pictures has many benefits also. Just knowing that it is helping them with learning and their mental development, makes it worth while. This also makes it very enjoyable for parents and their children.

Make a garden with your kids. If you own your home, you can do this in your yard. If you rent, there are many plants that can be grown indoors. This can be very educational and enjoyable. Kids love to be outdoors and it gives them the opportunity to enjoy doing what is really work. It will instill healthy eating habits, as they are more inclined to eat and enjoy the food that they grew themselves.

Prepare food and cook with your kids. This is a great opportunity to work together and share ideas. It can teach safety. This can also be very educational and promote healthy eating habits. They will take pride in the food that they helped cook. And you know kids love to feel grown up and do grown up things.

Play all kinds of music from all over world in your home. It teaches diversity and tolerance. It teaches kids to be open minded and expressive. Music is a very effective stress reducer, as it can have a huge impact on our emotions. In a chaotic or restless home, this can work wonders.

Dance with your kids. This symbolizes happy times. It gets kids and parents active while having fun. This will make your kids know that you are a fun and involved parent.

Sing with your kids. Singing, just like music and dancing, is a stress reducer. Singing before bed, in the morning, or in the car are great times to do this. Lullabies, nursery rhymes, and holiday songs are great for this.

Enjoy holidays to the fullest. Holidays can be very memorable times. Kids love festivities. You can get yourself and your kids involved in the community and charitable causes (if not all year long). This teaches a sense of unity, purpose, and humility. When people help each other, everyone involved feels better. A lot of kids measure happiness by what they have or what is given to them. We as parents need to show them that there is a lot of happiness in giving and helping others.

Go camping. Camping is a classic family bonding activity. It’s a way to get away and explore, while strictly spending time with loved ones. It’s very educational and natural. This is a fabulous opportunity to teach your kids important survival skills and about nature. Everyone can enjoy the fresh air and break free from the hustle and bustle of the modern day world. You can incorporate all kinds of lessons and activities in your family camping trip.

Take good quality pictures of your kids and family. Just be careful not to do it so much that you ruin the moments while trying to capture them. Let your children take pictures. They will find beauty in the world and want to capture it on film. You will discover the things that are special and interesting to them. It’s nice to see what things they find beauty in.

Create a family photo album and/or scrapbook. Add to it and keep it as a visual reminder. Treat it like priceless family archives because that’s what they are. Looking at these is an excellent conversation piece, as well as a record of times and events. This is perfect for the sentimental.

Watch movies with your kids. Movies can be inspiring, uplifting, heartfelt, and educational. Watching a movie can be a wonderful and enjoyable experience for kids. It’s awesome to be in the element as much as possible; to experience it on a large scale. To achieve this, a nice home theater system is recommended. Video projectors are perfect for this. Nevertheless, watching movies without all the fancy equipment is wonderful for kids too. Movies are popular for a reason. Many families all over the world have family movie nights.

Carefully choose the movies that you kids watch. Children are very impressionable. You wouldn’t want your kids to learn the wrong things or be exposed to negative or explicit material. Family values and values in general are becoming more and more backwards and confused. The wrong messages are being sent to our youth in a lot of ways. We wouldn’t want to help send those wrong messages to our kids by not using good discretion. I recommend imaginative and thought provoking movies. Magical and extremely fictional movies can be good also. Fables or stories that teach lessons or values are a good pick also. I personally appreciate the Studio Ghibili® movies made by Hayao Miyazaki and Disney Pixar® movies.

Buy something semi-large for your family. A good example would be a home theater system to enjoy movies together. Another good example would be a video game system. You could have a family video game night. I heard that the Nintendo Wii® is great for this. Family video game night is comparable to family board game night. Larger and more expensive examples would be things like a boat or a couple of jet skis. Families have different interests and budgets. Find out the perfect recreational thing to buy for your family.

Get outside with your kids and experience adverse and interesting weather. Get outside and experience natural phenomenons and planetary events (Of course, be safe and use common sense). Examples of these would be: heavy rain, Aurora Borealis (the northern lights), eclipses, meteor showers, butterfly migrations, fish spawning, dusk and dawn, and even clear and starry nights when there is a new moon.

Take a trip somewhere. Plan out a fun trip to a fun and interesting place. Bring things to keep the kids entertained and occupied while in the car. Enjoy the trip and make it fun.Most kids love to stay at hotels and find it very exciting. Everyone gets to break free from the routines of their lives back home. It gives the good old feeling of just getting away for a while.

Get yourself and your children involved in charity. Get together with your family and discuss views about equality, social justice, and those who are less fortunate. Choose a cause to support and get involved in. Join an organization that help people who are poor, homeless, starving, and less fortunate. You can help by volunteering at a food pantry or a homeless shelter, for example.

Make sure to put your child’s safety and protection above all.

Teaching children about promoting equality and reducing poverty through action and discussion, helps them understand that it is important to help others and care about people they don’t know. They will place a high value on helping and contributing to the world around them. They will also place a high value on making sure that all people are treated fairly and equally. This builds valuable assets in your child.

Create traditions and rituals. This could be basically anything that your family does together and really enjoys. You could turn some of these into traditions, if it hasn’t happened naturally.

Make a special area for your kids that is exclusively their space. It could be a tree fort, a playroom, a music room, an art room, or their own office area. These would be places where they could express themselves, be artistic, or have some personal time. This would be an area that they could call their own and be responsible for.

Take bike rides, take walks, or hike. You can do this with or without a destination.

Go fishing. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable recreational activity for people of all ages. It can be an opportune time for a child to further their learning of patience.

Leave written notes around the house for your child. You can do this on occasion or make a game out of it. They can be nice and sweet expression notes and instructional notes. You can prompt them to reply or write back. This can be very educational. It can help them practice following series of instructions or directions. If they are younger and beginning to read and write, this can really help them practice their reading and writing.

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