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It’s an indescribable feeling you get, and I will try to describe it the best way I can. Once you experience it
first hand, you will agree, there is nothing like it. It is priceless, that no one could ever afford to take away from you.

Bonding is not just an immediate family word, it is something that makes us all family in one world united. It is a feeling, so deep inside you, that you just can’t wait to bond more. The importance of family bonding is the trust and the sense of belonging. It is unforgettable. It is heaven on earth. It is peace. It is family connections. It is Laughter. It is FAMILY LOVE!

This is why family bonding is so important, to save the ones we love from taking the wrong path. Saving the ones we love from others taking the wrong path.

5 Tips For Parents to Deal With Obesity in Kids

By Austin Odeon

Obesity and overweight can be a major problem in kids if not dealt with in time. It imposes both physical and psychological stress on little kids, they do not feel comfortable in the mist of their peers or mates. Obese kids usually dread the company of their mates especially at schools with all the teasing and funny names calling ,probing eyes focusing on them, it can sometimes be so embarrassing to kids, and as a result they may feel inferior and lose their self esteem with social stigmatization, occasionally with a sense of discrimination. This can be telling on kids.

Parents of obese kids should be sensitive to their wards behaviors and urgently take steps to correct any abnormality. It can sometimes be difficult for parents to deal with their kids obesity problems, lets face it, you cannot just start controlling your kids regulating what they should or should not eat, if you do not use the proper approach, they may revolt and protest thinking that he or she is being maltreated. The situation must be handle with diplomacy. So how can a parent deal with this situation?

The first step is to get involved. The major cause of obesity in kids apart from genetic inheritance is lack of physical exercise and excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, French fries, ice cream, chocolate, etc are all contributing factors. Parents must first rid their kitchens and refrigerators of any fast foods aka junk foods, microwave and processed foods should be things of the past. Every member of the family must be part of a new eating habits, select recipes and cooking methods such as baking, roasting or steaming. Replace deep frying with grilling, make better food selection whenever you go shopping take time to read details of ingredients and other information in the packets especially for new products you are not used to. In this article, I will discuss 5 basic tips that can help parents deal with obesity in their kids.

1. Parents should discourage over eating, controlling portions and sizes should be part of the new eating habit. serve food in reasonable portions, if a kid ask for more, he/she should be served just a little. Use you sense of judgment and No! don’t encourage kids to eat leftovers to avoid food wastage, food remnant should be preserved.

2. Encourage outside activities, if you can make a time table for kids to play outside in the play grounds and sometimes go on a walk as a form of light exercise.

3. Discourage the consumption of surgery beverages like soda, processed fruit juices in general try to avoid high calorie drinks. Encourage drinking of water.

4. Fix a time table for watching TV and playing computer games. Parents should not accept eating and watching TV or playing games on the computer at the same time.

5. Monitor your kids school lunches, bag packs should include food rich in fiber, protein, fruits and vegetable must be added. Sugary drinks should be discouraged.

In conclusion, parents who truly want to deal with their kids obesity problem should understand that kids must never be forced to do any things against their wish when it comes to controlling their eating habits, moral suasion should be applied and praises should be given whenever kids do the things you asked them for especially when they obey without any stress, however, try not to reward obedience with food. There are variety of different food diet combination you can choose from to help your kids deal with obesity.

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Reading Comprehension: Tips and Strategies for Parents

A 10 minutes video clip about Reading Comprehension: Tips and Strategies for Parents.

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What Happens Without an Effective Parenting Plan?

By Pat Southlund

Separated parents with children must agree to a parenting plan that outlines how they will provide parenting that reflects the best interests of their children. Parenting plans allocate each person’s responsibilities, establish a custody schedule and include details about child support. Without an effective plan, a hard situation can become much harder.

While there are good and poor parenting plans, there are many things you can do to ensure that you and the other parent can start this new phase in your lives with the most effective approach possible. With an effective parenting plan in place for everyone to follow, you’ll have the best chance of success in raising healthy, well-adjusted children.

Take the time to work out as many details as you can concerning how you and the other parent will provide for and support your children in their journey toward adulthood. While you likely have feelings of pain and hurt when dealing with the other parent, you must put that aside to create a stable and loving environment that allows your children quality time with each of you.

Here are just a few of the pitfalls that may result from a poor parenting plan:
- Your or the other parent are never clear on where the children will be each day
- You or the other parent are often late for pick-ups and drop-offs
- Transitions between homes become tense and tantrum-filled
- Plans are frequently changed, cancelled or postponed
- Children miss out on recreational time with friends or extended family
- Developmentally appropriate activities, like music or sports, are delayed or missed
- Children exhibit signs of increased stress and anxiety
- Vacations and holidays are confusing and unclear
- Children don’t get adequate medical care, such as forgetting to take medication
- Routine medical care, such as doctor appointments, is delayed
- Feelings of frustration, anger and depression affect both parents or children
- Performance in school may drop due to stress, fatigue or confusion
- Resentment of parents increases because children feel they are in the middle of power struggles

These are only a few of the reasons why open and honest communication about parenting strategies while separated is critical to the health and wellness of your children. Parenting is difficult enough without including the tremendous stress and emotion wrapped up in divorce.

Many parents find that custody software helps them sort through the most overwhelming issues and lets them proceed logically and clearly. Custody X Change software provides you with a range of parenting plan templates. The software even allows you to print them out, as well as a color coded custody schedule.

An effective parenting plan is so important because it enables you both as separated parents to do your best in instructing, encouraging and guiding your children to do everything they need to in order to become successful adults. When you can agree on custody arrangements, there are likely to be fewer modifications to the plan, resulting in a more stable environment for your children to grow and thrive.

Custody X Change is custody software that provides a wide range of parenting plan templates for those who need to create an effective parenting plan. The software makes it easy for parents to explore different plan ideas and to create successful parenting plans that are age appropriate and meet their children’s developmental needs.

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